Five great English idioms for Managers

Idiom: tooth and nail.
Meaning: as hard as possible, fiercely

Ex: Although they were going to take that an account away from me, I fought tooth and nail to keep it

Idiom : get a grip on oneself.
Meaning: take control of one’s feelings
Ex: When he lost the soccer game, he couldn’t stop crying. I told him to get a grip on himself.

Idiom: give the cold shoulder.
Meaning: be unfriendly to, ignore
Ex : I was so mad at my cousin, that I gave her the cold shoulder at the wedding reception.

Idiom :bide one’s time.
Meaning : wait patiently for the right opportunity
Ex:I’m just going to bide my time. I know that eventually a position will open.

Idiom: beat around the bush:
Meaning: avoid giving a clear answer
Ex: I didn’t want to hurt his feelings and tell him that he wasn’t selected for the team. So when he asked me if I had any information, I basically beat around the bush.

نوفمبر 12, 2017

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