Am I a good Leader? test – part 1

This part of the test may evaluate your situational retrieval strength.

How often do theses memory challenges affect you? Answer picking a number between 1 and 10, with 10 being the better choice.

1. Recognizing a face but forgetting the person’s name?

2. Having to ask someone’s name twice?

3. Not being able to introduce someone when you see them out of context (e.g., running into a co-worker at the movies)?

4. Someone greets you using your name and you can’t recall the person’s name to greet them back?

5. Scanning through the alphabet to try to remember someone’s name?

6. Finding objects you frequently use (glasses, keys, cellphone)?

7. Finding receipts, tickets, documents?

8. Trying to remember the title of a movie you just saw or a book you just read?

9. Trouble finding the correct word for something?

10. Substituting an alternate word because you can’t come up with the word you want?

if your score is below 70, you may want to do something about your responsiveness skills.

Take part 2 of the test… you’ll find it on this website.


نوفمبر 10, 2017

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