Speak like a native… 6 very popular English idioms…

Idiom: dime a dozen.
Meaning: common, easily obtained
EX: Those shiny stones are not worth anything. They are a dime a dozen.

Idiom:high and dry.
Meaning: alone, without help, stranded
Ex:After everyone left the party, I was all alone to clean up. I was left high and dry.

Idiom: smell a rat.
Meaning: become suspicious
Ex: When $6000 dollars was missing from the company, I began to smell a rat and thought it may be internal theft.

Idiom: fender bender.
Meaning: minor accident
Ex:I had a fender bender on my way to work this morning.

Idiom: once in a blue moon.
Meaning: occasionally
Ex: He doesn’t watch television often. Only once in a blue moon.

نوفمبر 7, 2017

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