Top 5 Used English Idioms

1. Idiom : ” by the skin of one’s teeth”
Definition : by a very small margin
E.g : Our team won by the skin of our teeth.
2. Idiom : ” ants in one’s pants ”
Definition : nervous, anxious
E.g : He wasn’t sure if he would be chosen to win the award. He had ants in his pants.
3. Idiom: “in a nutshell”
Definition :briefly
E.g. She spoke to us for at least an hour and told us a long story. I would have preferred that we heard it in a nutshell.
4. Idiom: “come hell or high water”
meaning: no matter what happens
E.g. :Come hell or high water, I’ll for sure be at that meeting.
5. Idiom: ” catch someone red-handed.”
Meaning: find one in the act of doing something wrong
E.g: The police came and the bank robber was caught red handed.

أكتوبر 30, 2017

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