Common Types of Food Warehouses…

The most common types of food warehouses include: dry storage warehouses, cold or frozen storage warehouses, chilled or refrigerated storage warehouses.
Safe food warehousing is vital. It prevents economic losses for all members of the food channel, facilitates economic growth and trade, promotes health and well-being within the community at large and prevents the spread of food-borne illness and diseases.

When touring a food warehouse during an onsite visit, you should pay attention to the grounds surrounding the building to make sure they are free of weeds, trash, standing water, rodent tracks and/or burrows.
The exterior of the warehouse building should be well maintained and in good repair. There should be no obvious cracks or holes in walls. Openings for pipes or conduit entering the structure should be properly sealed to prevent entry of pests. Roofs should not leak.
Inside the warehouse building, floors, walls and ceilings should be smooth, clean and maintained in good repair. Windows and doors should close tightly to prevent entry of pests.
In sum, frequent thorough cleaning plays a significant role in preventing cross contamination and maintaining sanitary conditions within the warehouse.

سبتمبر 3, 2016

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